[Calendar] Apr 27 - May 03, 2020

:crossed_swords: Hello Adventurers :crossed_swords:

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Update: the test of might was wrongly written as three days, the calendar has since been updated to show correct length.


Thank you!

Thanks for sharing the calendar!

But… Why are there two PvP events back-to-back?..
This last one was too much for a lot of people, and now you’re adding more? Ludia. 30 steps TOM is way too much
Please be careful about overloading your players with PvP events, it’s far too easy to get burned out on them…


Why no new guild rally towards the end of the week? Fresh off the guild raid, everyone is pleased to have received all the rewards earned (we got up to legendary) and many of us want to get out and earn some more keys so we can do even better in the next one.

There should be something for guilds to do every single week if you want them to be a core part of the game, as the whole camaraderie stagnates in weeks where nothing is going on and I find I login to the game more frequently to check in on what my guild is up to and when guild chat is up. It provides a real social element to the game, that breaks up the usual grind battle or monster grind.

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Small update, the test of might was incorrectly displayed as three days, It is actually only 2 and the image has been corrected.