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[Calendar] August 03 - August 09, 2020

We hope you’re enjoying the new update so far, Adventurers!

This week brings us a Rally, Warrior Draft featuring Pikel, and a Heroic Adventure PVP.

Play Now! :point_right:


@Marcus, @Ludia_Developers,

It seems last weekends challenges are now extending through Monday. This is unfavorable. The weekend challenge events are already brief in nature, easily completed within an hour. This decision is baffling considering players were complaining in the forums about the inadequacy of weekend events. :roll_eyes:

I recommend the design team review the publicly available user data provided by sources such as Samsung, Google, Apple, etc. The week-over-week decrease in player activity is striking. Such recent changes including: fewer events, diminished rewards. weekly abhorred rallies, minuscule spell book limits, unfavorable revisions to daily quest rewards, unresolved connection issues, when combined with increased fees all likely explain this rapid decline.

As an active player with VIP membership, discounting the rally event, I find it disheartening to have no activities available for almost 72-hours.


I believe this is due to a long weekend in Canada. It hasn’t happened before.

How do I look at these publicly displayed numbers? I’be been wanting to know these for awhile.

Apple, Alphabet, Samsung, etc. all collect and provide assorted information from apps used on their devices. There are various apps and sites where personal and anonymous information can be viewed for each service.

Samsung Launcher is one example. Launcher is an app available to Samsung users. The attached screenshot from Samsung Launcher shows some of the data readily available for WoW. It shows a continuing decline of 10 to 15% of Samsung users every four weeks, for a total loss of 33% over the past 12 weeks. [12 weeks ago there were 5620 Samsung users, now there are only 3740 active users.]

Additionally, the same app reveals average daily usage has declined on Samsung devices from 49 minutes to 41 minutes over the past week alone.

The recent addition of the Quest Pass combined with the release of Pikel have likely offset the fiscal cost of loosing these users. However, it seems unlikely the app will remain feasible if this decline continues.


I can’t imagine how a player can do the daily content in that amount of time.

Why is the weekly schedule for Jurassic Park out already for next week, but WoWd is always released after the week has started?

@Kloyarn, I assume Ludia attempts to release the schedule each Friday, however a combination of unresolved bugs and server connection issues continually delays this until Monday afternoon. :wink:

@Orloch so, was was that a message of condemnation or exoneration? LOL

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