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[Calendar] Dec 16 - Dec 22, 2019

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@Jon there is a serious problem with the trophy gain/loss ratio for the most recent Test of Might. Will this issue be addressed in time for tomorrow’s event?

Here we go again.

The developers are ignoring the player base and proceeding with planned events while they are aware the mechanics are broken.

Well Done.

The issues with the event occurred over the weekend, when I suspect most of the people who usually have power over these things aren’t working.

Today is Monday and the event starts tomorrow. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and save the pitchforks for tomorrow.

I agree the main thrust of complaints arrived over the weekend. However, some of us noticed issues well in advance of your concern. Issues were identified in the forums and sent to support through the in-game messenger last week.

Although you may disagree that our concerns have merit, many players such as myself have are shared different experiences.

I have no problem with them putting out something that they have probably had set up for at least a couple of weeks in advance. I have been pretty vocal about the problems we had, but I’d also rather they took a little time to try and fix it right than to rush into something. This problem occurred when they were trying to fix our concerns from previous TOM. I’d rather they didn’t make it worse by trying to fix the current problem to quickly. While they are working on it they may as well run the planned events and get more information. Anyone who plays it this week should know what they are in for

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Lol, if they can’t fix it (actually broke it worse) when they actually had time to think about the problem, just imagine how badly they’d screw it up if they rushed into a “fix”.
On the other hand, if intentional fixes don’t work, maybe half-baked changes might work out better, lol.

Honestly I liked the idea they had. The biggest complaint before was people sandbagging their scores. This would have solved that unless someone sandbagged their score for weeks. If they went that route then that is what it is because there will always be someone finding some sort of an edge and if they didn’t want to win for weeks on end just to be able to win ToM easier then oh well.

The problem was in how matching pvp and TOM players was implemented. I didn’t mind this idea either because of the smaller player base and preferring not to fight bots. If, like was stated by another player, when they combined a PvP player with another by using their TOM scores they based trophy wins and losses on the top scores being used to make the match it would have worked better.

I just believe they need to do more testing ahead of time. Most of the problems I have seen in this game are fairly easily spotted. The biggest having been the huge mismatches when they did the last big update. I don’t know how they could have thought that wouldn’t cause an uproar and I had it happen to me 3 minutes after the download

I agree. Insufficient modelling by the development team continually leads to unforeseen complications. I’m not sure precisely what element of testing is inadequate; perhaps the duration of testing is unsatisfactory, perhaps pertinent variables are being overlooked, perhaps no testing is being performed. Thorough testing prior to update releases and new events would be able to identify these issue and provide an opportunity to correct them prior to release.

I’m curious to see the structure of the new event even with the expectation that some of the gameplay won’t be smooth.

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Wasn’t there supposed to be a Heroic Adventure on Dec 17-18? I only see a Test of Might.

It’s possible they postponed because of issues with TOM.

I suspect the Test of Might is part of the Heroic Adventure. I doubt they would repeat it so quickly otherwise:

I thought it seemed kind of soon myself so that would make sense

For more details on Heroic Adventure: Introducing: Heroic Adventures [Dec 17th & 18th]

Good to see a higher lvl dungeon in there - albeit for XP :wink:

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