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[Calendar] Dec 23 - Dec 29, 2019

Weekly Events = Week full of Adventure!

Enter Now! 👉

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I’m grateful to have the one event in HSM - but in a big week of events, it’d be great to see one of the highest 2.

Well this is easily summarized:

  1. Another ToM = A waste of time and gems for most players as the mechanics remain impaired.
  2. Eight challenges in easy dungeons; 0 challenges in moderate/advanced dungeons = No rewards worth the time and effort of league level players.
  3. No VIP events = Complete devaluation of VIP since VIP battle chests have become essentially unattainable.
  4. Moment of Glory on Dec. 25 = On a customary family gathering day for many players, many will be too occupied to waste 2 hours on this useless endeavor

If a satirical font existed I would use it to congratulate the developers for effective consideration of its customer’s forum posts.

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If the mechanics remain unchanged, they can be exploited:

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  1. I worked in a casino and was shocked the first year at how many people cam in on Christmas. I have a feeling that more people than you think will find time to get their 25 kills in. It doesn’t take the whole two hours. Personally I just go to the first boss. I lose out on some choice but I still get my 25 chests.

Personally, as I stated in other posts, I won’t be doing either ToM or any PvP this week. Or any week that there is ToM until they fix/adjust it.

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Thanks for your thoughts. Unfortunately, I have no further desire to augment my standing in an effort to succeed at the expense of weaker players.

The Ludiaites have been aware of this since shortly after this initial ToM event. Below is one of the many forums where tanking was discussed.

This mechanic remains unfair to the weaker players who are not recieving fair and equitable value for their money. Some players have been documenting comments and responses; this may lead to future issues for the developer.

While I appreciate the sentiment, the very nature of PvP in general requires the more developed accounts to take advantage of less developed accounts.

That being said I think there is greater justification for “gaming the system” in this event than the prior system. The current system either locks players in much higher or much lower difficulty battles, without appropriate adjustment mechanisms. So I will advocate for the feedback loop in the player’s favour to do my best to address the shortcomings of the algorithm as I see it.

I hope you will note that I have never made a concerted effort to get players to to drop their trophy counts to take advantage of weaker players in the original test of might matchmaking system.