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[Calendar] Dec 30 - Jan 5, 2020

🐲📕 Adventurers, cold weather keeping you indoors?

Stay warm and play Warriors of Waterdeep

FREE COINS! :arrow_forward:

Our office will be closed during the holidays (12/25 - 1/5). If you’re experiencing any issues with the game, please refer to the FAQ page for the time being -

Thank you and happy holidays, Adventurers!

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@Jon , out of curiosity, why does it keep being listed as a test of might instead of a heroic adventure? I know in reality it is just an extended test of might but in game it is called heroic adventure.

THey really need to start running 2 events at the same time. One for low level players and one for high level players. 3 days of sharpstone keep event is terrible for most players.

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It’s sharpstone then rock monster then hidden forge then back to sharpstone etc

But even still it’s not worth doing as a higher level player

You can see why it’s like that though - you could max a fair few epics if higher level dungeons were included for a few days - purchase wouldn’t be necessary …

Interesting point. However, I believe they are not offering enough for intermediate and advanced level players. I’ve complained about this for over a month. The challenge events are always in beginner level rooms. As you noted, it makes them pointless for intermediate and higher level players. Additionally the overpowered bots in PvP style events are to difficult for players at my level. These events are also unplayable for players like myself.

While, the current state of this app is unsuitable for players at my level, the greater issue the developers are unwilling to correct it or provide something for such players to do; they just do not seem to care.

Probably because high level players don’t really need to buy gear anymore unless they r aiming for the top in arena in which case they r possibly less concerned about the challenges

They’ve really shown their hand

Is there a particular hero attached to the gear challenge tomorrow?

One more sleep and you’ll know - it’s xmas all over :wink: