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[Calendar] Dec 9 - Dec 15, 2019

Events all week long for our Adventurers!

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What is the community choice poll event?

Is Test of Might going to be different this time around? If not, with the latest PvP changes I can’t see many people even attempting to participate in it.

They will just use the same strategy they did before

It will be a bit different as it only runs over a 2-day period this time.

I have manuvered my trophy count to potentially maximize my returns should the ToM match-up be determined by League rather than trophy count.

It’s possible and we will see when it happens but I doubt it will be by league… for one thing there are many many people who aren’t above the minimum amount to make it into a league so I doubt they would have two systems for matchmaking. Also no other battles are by league so I doubt these would be.

One thing I just thought of… should upper level players tank battles so that they can fight weaker teams for the event, that would mean easy trophies for others as they are dropping, and those who are close to a new league might make it in easier.

The league system was never meant to be used for matchmaking. It was meant to be a way to get more people involved in pvp. Before the leagues, once you cleared 2200 trophies, there was no reason outside of getting your daily chest to play pvp. The leagues give incremental rewards that reset with the season. They have nothing to do with who you fight

Many of us above 3000 trophies [Note: I use the term us loosely - forgive me if I am inadvertently include those most excellent players with plebains like myself] have only minimal chance to defeat the level 18-20 bots we are matched against. This has been clearly stated in the forums. The developers should be aware players like myself will not be willing to allocate the immense number of gems or gold to complete ToM if we are pitted against bots. Based on this I was only suggesting it is possible the developers may delay the season reset until ToM is complete, and will use the league structure as a secondary comparable when matching opponents for ToM. This could be a method to establish true PvP match-ups for ToM.

Oh it could happen. I was just saying I doubt it. Since I have been playing there has never been anything other than by trophies. For a while it was broken, which we all know, and we were getting matches with extremely different trophy counts. Still the matchmaking was on trophies and not leagues or renown or anything else. I also don’t see how using leagues would be better. I will admit I might be missing something though. Your leagues are based on your trophy count so basing your battles on your league would still be using trophies. If it was structured to use leagues instead that would only benefit those at the very top of the respective leagues because then they could fight someone near 500 trophies under them often. People at the bottom of the leagues would almost always be fighting someone above them, so there would be little incentive to move up knowing that everyone you fight will be higher. I agree that the bots are a problem I just don’t think leagues are what a lot of people are making them out to be.

If they had never used the word league and instead just said “starting at 2500 trophies every time you go up by 500 more we will give you a new and better chest as a reward,” no one would be talking about leagues at all. In reality that’s all they did. They just added the league title to make it sound like more of an accomplishment.

There is no need to respond like that. You stated your opinion, I stated mine. I have said in here before that very few things are right or wrong, black or white, most things are grey and with that being true two people can look at the same set of facts and have differing opinions about what they mean, without either of them being necessarily wrong.

That broken matchmaking is something I would take back any day. Quick match win or loose. Now it wait a minute extend search because bot aren’t an option unless I have lost past 4 matches then hope my opponent isn’t way higher then me since no one in the 2000-2900 trophy need to extend search for matchmaking. ( Oh and it can be another minute of waiting).

The other thing about the season restart I just thought about in regards to how it will effect the event is that everyone will be condensed again for a while. So there will be more people who are closer to your trophy range. Unfortunately this will be both good and bad. Some of the higher ups will be brought down so low that there are a lot more people in range of them but substantially weaker then there are now. The matchmaking will also be a lot quicker because without such large gaps it will more easily find someone within range.

Ok I am done with this conversation and I apologize if you feel I insulted you or called you ignorant in anyway. I disagree with your conclusions at times and also with your opinion of what the devs intentions are. I in no way find you ignorant. I know this is your third language and yet you are by far one of the most articulate people in here. Your grammar and punctuation are far better than most others including mine. Those three things are really all I have to judge you on in a forum and I give you nothing but respect for your use of all of them. Just because I disagree with you doesn’t mean I think anything negative about you at all

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Well …

something that hasn’t been mentioned here in this calendar thread is that just like last week all the events are low level dungeons!

I did virtually none of last weeks events as they simply weren’t worth the effort (renown 17, it must be worse for those higher)

Sigh :pensive:

A lot of higher level players including myself are not enjoying PvP at the moment - please give us some events to do during the week

@John n


Agreed with Turbotarry. If we had at least 1 event / week which was geared towards a higher level dungeon, that’d be ideal!



Thank you for the feedback, Turbotarry!

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I’m also in agreement with Turbo. All of the events over the last 3 or 4 weeks we have been repeated visits the Keep, Mines, Forge and Mountain. This is great for beginners but worthless for experienced players.

Since update 12, almost everything in the game seems to inhibit and counteract experienced players. Its time for the developers to provide something beneficial for WoW veterans.

[Poster’s edit: I am aware some players may be satisfied and possibly elated with the current game play experience. While I disagree with this, it is only my opinion, which I firmly continue to assert. ]