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[Calendar] December 07 - December 13, 2020 Delayed

Hello Adventurer.
The weekly calendar is still being worked on and will be published later today! Durnan in the meantime has decided to share some words of wisdom.

Claim & Play :point_right:


I love how the helpful hint image shows a team with no push capabilities equipped. It’s genuinely funny. At least most of 'em can target zones.


Sorry for the delay in posting the calendar!

This week’s calendar includes a rally, a Test of Might Draft, and Pikel’s Silverhand Trial.

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It shows the XP challenge is in Lightfinger on the calendar yet mine was in Harvestshield. Not only that I did it and it did not give me triple XP like it was supposed to. Here is a screenshot, it shows the “3x” icon but it did not actually award it. It shows 181 xp Earned when it should have been 543.

of note is that last week the ViP event I was not even able to do as I had not purchased Coriolis, now this week its bugged and not giving appropriate awards. I am starting to wonder why i am paying for ViP when I dont even get to participate in all events and the ones that I do are bugged???

Hi Kingoffarts,
I am not sure where you are seeing Lightfinger Estate on the image I posted it shows the tavern, which is where the adventurer starts off, and usually denotes that the area will differ depending on your level. 5 and under Frostsilver Mines, 6 - 10 Hidden Forge, 11 and up Harvestshield Mountain are the different locations for this x3 XP challenge.

If you did not receive your x3 XP please contact and they will be happy to assist you.