[Calendar] Feb 17 - Feb 23, 2020

You don’t miss out on these EVENTS!

PLAY NOW! :point_right: http://ludia.gg/COINS_WOW_Feb17

What Event are you looking forward to?


Not Test of Might, that’s for sure.

PvP events that force you to spend gems are ridiculous “events”. Now, if you actually make it PvE like you did one time, that would be a different story.

Unfortunately, this game has a track record of caring only about boosting immediate profits (paying gems during the event) rather than long term profits (keeping a happy player base).

Another rigged ToM. Unfortunately, Ludia makes money when players who know how to rig an event are inadvertently assisting the developer in abusing and stealing resources from unaware players. The developers have spent months refining the mechanics and algorithms which compel these behaviors.
Perhaps players should begin utilizing the mechanics of Google Play and App Store charge-backs.

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Extra gems and coins will be nice, especially since I’ve seen lots of legendaries coming up in Durnan’s card selection, for whatever reason. Sadly both of the Moment of Glory events are too low of a level for me to bother with, and the Test of Might, well… The less said the better.

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