[Calendar] Feb 24 - Mar 1, 2020

Weekly Events = Week full of Adventure!

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What is the Heroic adventure? Not a test of might?

Hey @Mstar, our FAQ here has some more information:

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I thought it turned out these were just multi-tiered Test of Might? Is this one going to be as described?

Did anyone get the Nayeli Moment of Glory today? Usually unlocks at 4:00 pm Eastern which was 2 hours ago and still hasn’t shown up for me.

@gpinsky1313, as the event did not occur for me as well, I assume the event was either omitted or mis-scheduled.

Waited until 6pm so I could run 2 hour event uninterrupted. Logged in multiple times and Nayeli event will not activate

Don’t see nothing neither.

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Me too. Here the event was scheduled for 10 PM

Well, the previous event was awesome: 10 PvP wins for a Legendary.

This event is terrible, just like all the others before the one good one. Endless PvP wins needed for a purple chest. That’s a hard pass.

Ludia, please learn what works, and what doesn’t work. Please.

@Old_Benn, i fully agree with your sentiments.

Staff from the developer routinely state they are aware of forum comments. This format has been consistently panned by all players, while the last iteration has multiple threads of support. Clearly they do not give a fig-leaf to what players desire.

Reverting to the old despised format was a huge blunder.

Furthermore., this idiocy has occurred within 12 hours of erroneously omitting yesterday’s Heroic Adventure. Competence is in short supply at Ludia.

For the benefit of all I have revised the schedule. My schedule has removed all accidentally omitted, despised or rigged events.

Perhaps the Ludians can use this as a guide for future planning.