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[Calendar] Jan 13 - Jan 19, 2020

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Of late I have often expressed my displeasure relative to the developer’s decision to exclude difficult challenges from events. Kudos to the developers for putting Thursday’s event in Lightfinger Estate. This is a pleasant surprise. I anticipate this will be appreciated by many of the remaining advanced players.

[Edit: I posted this prior to observing the cost per play. My amended comments on the event can be seen below]

Yeah, I appreaciated it, yet I spent 45 gems x 14 runs (700 gems in total) before I got a single 20. Only bad luck, of course, and at the end it was worth it, yet 45 gems/run is a way too expensive for many players. 30 should have been fairer

Unfortunately 45 gems is way too much to spend in exchange for the rewards since only 2 die rolls get me anything useful.

I admit I posted my comments above before playing the event.

I had assumed this would finally be an event worthy of more experienced players. Unfortunately, I agree the cost per play (45 gems) is excessive. The concept of resuming events for experienced players was favorable, but the cost per play is another example of implementation gone awry. The developers have inadvertently disappointed yet again.

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Going to guess no test of might?

Isn’t it strange to announce an announcement? Why not just make the announcement?

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What is changed by the update?

So, what’s the change?