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[Calendar] January 04 - January 10, 2021

Hello Adventurer,

What an exciting upcoming week! A Rally, A test of might, and a Heroic Draft!

Claim & Prepare :point_right:

Can you please explain how to collect the rewards for the rise videos or whatever they are

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Hi Herpderp,
Just tune in to while the show is running and they post a link just like the ones that appear on our social media or the one at the top of this post. They also have bot command !sewow during Tales of Silt Expanse or !oswow during Journey to the Obsidian Spire for the bot to display it in chat.

The link doesn’t work for some browsers. Tend to use chrome and the link does not behave or look like a link in any way.

If it does not appear as a link, could you try copy-pasting it into your browser to see if it works.

I may try messing with it more next time. Didn’t want to spend much time or install new app for small rewards

Not once have I ever seen a link to click on. Perhaps you could just send the rewards in peoples mail boxes because this is not working correctly