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[Calendar] July 13 - July 19, 2020

:crossed_swords: Morning Adventurers! :crossed_swords:

This week brings us a guild rally, Saarvin’s Silverhand Trial, and a PVP Heroic adventure!!!

Which are you most excited for?

Play Now! :point_right:

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Link to free goodies not working… :cry:

It worked on my device, can you try again.

Worked now, but too late. :cry:

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Same happened to me

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the social links are only available for 24 hours so if you tried to day they wouldn’t work.

I am currently residing within the EDT zone. As Ludia HQ is located in the same time tone, I have assumed EDT is used to define each day. When I used to seek these freebies, I regularly encountered a glitch where they were expired by early evening. As such, I and many others have quit collecting these relatively insubstantial gifts. Perhaps this is what is effecting others posting in this thread.

[Edit: Disregard post. This glitch is reportedly resolved as per Keith’s post below]

Which is why we moved the posting time to 10 am instead of 3 pm, Since the links were active from 10 am to 10 am E.T. which was an oversight on our side.

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