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[Calendar] July 20 - July 26, 2020

Morning Adventurers!

This week brings us a guild rally, Test of Might, and a PVE Heroic Adventure!!!

Which are you most excited about?

Play Now! :point_right:


Thanks for posting this here Keith. The link is working today as well! :grin:

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Another rally, really? :frowning: There’s been far too many recently…

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Isn’t there normally 3 guild rallies and 1 guild raid per month? The problem is not the number of the rallies itself because it’s a team building exercise and point of discussion within guilds and a chance for guildmates to exchange tips etc…

The problem I have is as I’ve mentioned in other threads is the sheer repetitiveness of each guild rally. A new week should mean a new rally - not just a rehashed version from the week before with a zillion portals and the same monsters that take forever to take down. The game has a far wider variety of dungeon rooms to offer than what happens now and would still provide a challenge, but also a bit of fun to make them worth playing.


This was posted 1 day ago and the link isn’t working already? Seems kinda messed up to me.

Each of our social links are only available for a limited time. If you check our Social pages (Facebook or twitter) you will find a new link was posted at 10 am ET this morning.

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Did anyone get the Joppa Moment of Glory today? Another no show for me.

I did. Worked ok here. Sometimes I need to restart the game for MoG to appear for me. Don’t know if this is a recent change, but my MoG only starts counting its timer at my first login inside the timeframe of the event, so maybe it’s a good idea to stay logged out till you are available to run em. I’m pretty sure most of you know that, just putting this here to inform people.

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Okay guess it was just me. This has only happened once before that I can recall just a shame that Joppa is the only Moment of Glory I really wanted to do. Oh well. Onto Pikel.

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I am not sure if all players are in agreement, but I appreciate these weekend PvE Heroic Adventures. It is nice to have them separated by a couple of weeks instead of months. These are a nice break from the otherwise non-stop PvP events. :+1:

This Challenge Event is particularly favorable now due to the season reset. A PvP event at this time would have been costly for the vast majority of players.

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