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[Calendar] June 08 - June 14, 2020

Morning Adventurers!

What an exciting week of events! Will you earn yourself Farideh’s Silverhand Gear?

Play Now! :point_right:


Hi, Ludia.
What is it, ‘Heroic Adventures - Challenge’?
PvE contents?

Hi Dungeoneer, Heroic Adventures - Challenge is PVE, I believe the last time it was run was April 03 - 05.

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If I recall correctly they don’t really give the sort of rewards that make it worth playing unfortunately. It’s like the 3x Coin Challenge on Monday AND the 2x Gear Challenge on Wednesday AND maybe 4 or 5 others strung back to back. No special grand prize just a bunch of challenges strung together.

This is by far the worst guild rally yet. It isn’t especially hard, just boring and tedious.

hi Keith,

Why do we have so few Heroic Adventures PVE ? as you said more than 2 months have passed since the last one. that’s a huge duration no?

Of course, it’s not the kind of event we want to do every Week End but can’t we have one Heroic Adventures- Challenge PVE event every 3 or 4 weeks ?

also it would have been great if we could have more choice on challenge rewards.
for example if some challenges rewards are directly dependant on the characters who actually played the challenges…