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[Calendar] June 29 - July 05, 2020

Morning Adventurers!

This week, take part in a Test of Might, a Heroic Adventure, and if you are in a guild a RAID!!!

Play Now! :point_right:

*Note sorry for the delay, the calendar was missing the Raid and wanted to add it before posting on the forum. Thank You


I don’t know if I love the challenge of this Raid, or hate the fact that the Boss can One Hit Kill you at any time. :-/

Anyone got suggestions for how to face this guy?

While my team is quite weak compared to many of the seasoned players on the forum, my suggestion is to use AC - skills and try to do as much damage as possible so you can kill him before his column attack kills you.

Hopefully, some other players can give you more tips.

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My #1 team is Tommy 17, Mage, Ranger, Cleric 18s. I made it to room 8. 1 of the toughest, least predictable bosses in the game. Like Keith said, get your ac up and his ac down. Remember taunt and stealth do not work on bosses. I was using ac debuffs with Ranger and blasting him with Mage, getting tommy up close to hit and proc ac from epic shield…while reg and heal with Hab.

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My team is level 16. I use Wizard, Warlock, Cleric and Ranger. Speedy attacks with AC- buffs are my keys to success. Alternatively I found trying to boost my own AC was useless in this event.
The event became easier one I understood the boss’ attack scheme.

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