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[Calendar] May 11 - May 17, 2020

:crossed_swords: Hello Adventurers :crossed_swords:

Don’t miss out on all these EVENTS!

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There’s a Test of Might and a Heroic Adventures: Battle over the same weekend? That’s a lot of PvP…

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@Keith @Ned last major update there was some new PvP event with guild related to it. Are we getting those event soon?

The guild Rallies and Raids? A rally is happening right now!


From your announcement for last major update

Guild Battle Events

Similar to Raid events, Guild Battle events let guild members compete in individual Battles to earn prizes for the guild as a whole.

Guild Battles can either award points for each defeated opposing hero, or each overall victory, depending on the event. The points earned are added to the shared reward track for the guild. Once a reward is unlocked on the track, that reward can be collected by all eligible members of the guild.
With that screenshot of something we never had


Hello Krom, Guild battles are planned for the future, but depending on what your definition of soon is the answer will vary.


@Keith why don’t you give us you definition of soon? One week? One month? One year?

More than a month less than a year is the current plan :slight_smile:


Its kinda hard to define “soon” when we dont know the parameters if the situation. However its pretty easy to define it for the people who actually do know. So please enlighten us???

No Moment of Glory for me today was that a mistake on the calendar? Is Joppa Moment of Glory on Thursday really happening?

I missed all but 20 minutes due to the MoG starting while I was occupied with the Rally Event. No notification for the MoG was provided until I left the Guild Tab. Had I done 2 more rooms I would have missed it altogether. @gpinsky1313, perhaps you were similarly participating in the Rally while the MoG elapsed.

Nope. No rally participation and otherwise played the game all day.

What time is the moment of glory supposed to be today?

Hello Mstar, the same time as usual, Moment of Glory triggers when you are playing between 4 pm ET and 10 pm ET and lasts for 2 hours or until 10 pm ET whichever comes first. Of note, you need to have Joppa to trigger the Moment of Glory event today. Hope this answers your question.

Need to have a start button for this. It’s dumb that I can’t login to the game to maybe start a PvP chest unlock or collect a free chest without starting my MOG. Like really dumb. Give us the option to start it at our own leisure when we know we have two hours to devote to the game. It only make sense for a global game versus forcing us into a window that only makes sense for US time zone players, and even then it doesn’t make sense for all.


Is it possible there a mistake in the event? We got heroic adventure but no test of might (2 event out of 3 today)

Hi Krom, it looks like the Test of Might should start at 14:00 UTC or in 38 minutes from now. If it doesn’t show up, let me know and I will inquire more.

Thank @Keith it just appeared

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