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[Calendar] Nov 11 - Nov 17, 2019

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What time does today’s moment of glory start?

14:00 ET, that’s 19:00 UTC

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Thanks for the calendar Jon - I look forward to seeing what goodies we will get for the week each Monday :slight_smile:

I’m wondering though would it be possible to have a choice for moment of glory?

Leave it as one character but have an option for the challenges. I’m renown level 14 and found the rock monster challenge rewards simply aren’t worth the effort (Eg the top roll of 20 gave 4 epic goggles but I already have that maxed, and other rewards give too few to be worthwhile). Newer players would have the opposite problem - not being able to get anywhere on more advanced challenges.

Could we have Eg a choice of rock monster and dragon or Eg an anvil and squidlypus?

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