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[Calendar] Nov 18 - Nov 24, 2019

Events all week long for our Adventurers!


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Thanks for providing what the expected downtime will be for Update 12. It’s a welcome development and is a good way of communicatng with your fan base. In game notification would be even better.

Will the Leaderboards be reset with this update again?


Thanks for the calendar - look forward to perusing it each Monday :slight_smile:

Having said that it’s

All low level dungeons this week - it would be good if there was at least one higher dungeon per week (dragon, squidlypus or lightfinger)

These are so low for renown 15+ (or lower) that even the d20 reward is not worth the effort


Isn’t it past 1pm EDT already? Like, by almost an hour?

No, 12 minutes to go

There’s an update in the play store, might be up and running

Right now as I am typing this it is 1:04 est time

It’s been updated, download the new version

Still not working for me and I don’t see update available in app store yet. Hopefully soon

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I’m on IOS and it’s still not available to download the latest update.

Same here waiting on iOS play store

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Update should be available on iOS devices now, everyone. :slight_smile:

Yep just started download