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[Calendar] Nov 4 - Nov 10, 2019

You don’t want to miss out on these EVENTS!

Get ready for a week full of ADVENTURE!

FREE GEMS! :arrow_forward:

Last week moment of glory for vips only. Now with nayeli as a prerequisite. If we do not Get her until Wednesday, it will be a let down. Good way to take care of non-vips

Nayeli sucks!

The Heartcoil coin challenge currently active is VIP?

Someone should probably tell that to my non-VIP account currently playing through it for the… hmm… fifth time now?

Happened last week and maybe the one before as well. They have these announcements set up to go out ahead of time, and now that they are changing things, perhaps because Test of Might was such a buggy mess, they are out of date. I am not complaining. We don’t get enough gold rewards, and you have like a 55% chance of getting gold or epics on each dice roll for this one.

Ugh. I’m done with the current challenge. Spent 150 gems so far, and I’ve rolled one 19, three 9s, an 11 and a 1. (14 rares, 210 commons, 11 gems). I’d really like to get some 3x cash, but the dice are not favoring me today, and I really don’t feel like spending 30 gems to get seven rare hats that I’ll never use for my thief.

Sometimes, the dice are not your friend! :expressionless:

I’m vip and I don’t have her either now I need to do quest for 150 point so I can get her. No way I can get it on time for the event …

Sometimes the dice are friendly. 2d free time through i got the 3x7000. Not bothering with paying gems for the remaining gold :wink: