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[Calendar] November 09 - November 15, 2020

Morning Adventurers,

This week is has a Rally, a Draft, and Joppa’s Silverhand Trial! Which are you most looking forward to?

Play Now! :point_right:

I’m most looking forward to be able to play any of them.
How can you post this without addressing the massive issues everyone is having connecting???


Hello Lemonfarmer, I replied to people in Battle.times out the team is aware and working on a fix, but I have no further details at this time.

I’m not looking forward to any of them as the game is currently unplayable. I won’t be bothering to login until they deal with stability issues. Was sick and tired of checking over the weekend to see if it was working.

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Can you try to close the app and login again, a communication is in the works but the team believes the issue should be mostly resolved.

It is working now! Thank you.

It’s a bit better but far from working consistently

Yup game is running fine for me. I called it that things would miraculously get better Monday morning EST. Not a coincidence, imo they rebooted the additional servers which had jammed up over the weekend and had required some general maintenance, cache clearing, etc.

Ironically this latency could be indicative of good things to come (assuming Ludia begins more regular maintenance on servers). What it could mean is that this last update, the anticipated 16.1 new content addition, and a popular new hero in Coriolis has reenergized some folks to become more active again.

Hopefully Ludia turns on a few more servers to support any additional stress, if there is an uptick in activity. Need Orloch or whoever it was to post about the activity metrics week-to-week.

Beeing locked out of Mog becaues your level is to low/you couldnn’t clean story mode far enough feels bad.

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