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[Calendar] November 23 - November 29, 2020

Morning Adventurers,

This week is has a Raid, a Warrior Draft, and Naomlen’s Personal Score! Which are you most looking forward to?

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I got to say I am disappointed. The vip only event for a purchased only character on the weekend leaves everyone else very light on events. Not to mention not everyone has pikel either. There really should be alternate events for the people who don’t have the required characters.

As another side note this is a holiday week. Hands down this is the only game I have ever played where holiday events and freebies and other fun stuff is never done during major or even minor holidays. Why is this? Not to mention its black friday is this week, you guys are not even doing special promotions for purchasing stuff??? I am just perplexed by this. Ive never seen an online game thoroughly reject doing anything special on the holidays as this one. It just seems very odd and I think you are really missing out on exciting the player base.


I agree with your point about offering a VIP-only event to a purchase-only character, that’s messed up. But you’re wrong about the lack of holiday events however.

While the event was pretty lame in my opinion, they did have a holiday event and theme for Halloween. Remember it was 6 Silverhands offered over the course of 4 days (3 ToM’s on the first 2 days, then a new 3 ToM’s on the second 2 days), and each one was only about 10 or 15 wins needed to complete it. But they had massive rebuy costs of about 250 gems each (it was right at the time the new books came out, so you could just farm a 12 and rebuy into them all for free). They were also the least useful Silverhands, not the wizard dagger, etc.

There was even a change in artwork, there were pumpkins in the various screens, and some of the people in the tavern areas were wearing masks. It was also the time at which everyone complained because the same 3 silverhand items were in the daily store for 3-4 solid days without a refresh.

Anyway, this is a Canadian company where they already celebrated their Thanksgiving a while ago, I’ve been gaming forever too and it’s rare that anyone does an event for Thanksgiving…it’s just solely American like the 4th of July. I wasn’t here last Christmas/New Years, but if they did an event for Halloween they’ll certainly be doing one for Christmas. The only “global” and non-American specific ones I can think of are Christmas/New Years and Halloween. I mean c’mon they’re not going to do one for Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s day, or other Americanized ones. That’s like them throwing a bone to France and celebrating “Bastille Day” in mid-July. Heck being Canadian they’re more likely to do that then American Thanksgiving.

But I will agree however that they could tap into exciting the playerbase for a change and definitely be rewarded for it. But without adding new coding for specific/new fun events, they’re stuck with the same old framework. Change things up with a ToM (which they did), or offer “bundles” for cheaper costs which they did. The real fun would be a slightly new game mode for a holiday as you mention, but they just aren’t going to do that.

Hello Adventurers,
Based on your feedback another event has been added this weekend: an X2 gear, X2 coin, X2 xp challenge. Enjoy!


Keith delivers again!

Thank you.

many thanks. I complain a lot but its just to try to make things better. im glad to see that sometimes my complaints actually are taken seriously and things are added because of it.