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[Calendar] November 30 - December 06, 2020

Morning Adventurers,

This week is has a Rally, a Test of Might, and a Heroic Adventure Draft!

*Note: Based on player feedback with the recent start of a new season, the trophy reset was smaller than usual. This change was made to mitigate the effects of seasonal trophy resets on matchmaking.

Play Now! :point_right:

What event is that on Sunday? I don’t recognize it.

Rise of the Veiled Alliance is a D&D live-play game streamed on Twitch, and we’re sponsoring their shows for the rest of the season.

This doesn’t mean that Dark Sun content is in the game’s future, though!

Okay, thanks for letting me know, Keith. :slight_smile:

I was fairly disappointed by the monday VIP only event. Just like an event last week its only for people who spent the $50 on a new character. ViP stands for “very important person” and I sure don’t feel like it even though I am paying for the status due to repeated events I can’t participate in due to not having purchased a new character.


Total agreement

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Should be for Coriolis if you have her, and just random gear if you don’t.


@Keith is this something the developers would consider, for VIP customers that didn’t also happen to purchase Coriolis for $50?

The VIP folks that purchased Coriolis can get a jumpstart on gear structured just for her, yet other still paying VIP customers are also taken care of with a separate VIP event that just isn’t 100% tailored to Coriolis. Just curious.


I agree with them, and I don’t have VIP. It looks bad when you suggest some players are more VIP than others.


Hi everyone,
I have passed on your thoughts to the team. Thank you

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Terrible events week. For the next 3 days we have a draft that is not worth doing and a gear event that is over in an hour