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[Calendar] Oct 21 - Oct 27, 2019

Events all week long for our Adventurers!

PLAY NOW! :arrow_forward:

Update Oct 24th login anytime between 18:00 UTC and 23:59 UTC for 2 hours of Moment of Glory!

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When is UTC?

Never mind. Can’t play anyways.

I don’t know utc I just googled it

Yeah, this is a whale only event

actually, i can swap out any 1 of my 4 mains and still be able to get to the boss 1 (room 3) on that event and even if i have the super weak raika, be able to farm 25 times the D20.

The thing is that the boss itself won’t hit you at all (keep on spawning 3k health demon, you just need to kill it before he can swing you and you get to have 1-2 actions to hit the boss… never go into melee though). So after 2 rooms, it’s pretty much garanteed 1 dice and i am sure your main damage dealer can sustain 2 rooms with spells / abilities even if you have raika dragging you down.

I’ll get free gains. Not as much as if i had my A team and try for room 9 (which i haven’t even beaten once)

That sounds alright, but how many people other than whales have completed lightfinger estate and have access? That’s what I mean by whale only.

I’ve completed it as a F2P

Not sure if it was broken or not, but it let me in without having finished Lightfinger Estate. The problem was the boss in his first form is level 16, and he can infinitely summon level 16 characters who had a three attack basic attack and counterattack. With level 12s and that loser Raika at level 11 I couldn’t even make a dent in him.

I got stuck on him too, tried 10 times but lvl 12&13 Heroes weren’t able to kill him. Got close a few times and if I used up the 25 tries I might have got it once, but I had other things to do.

I had just received the Lightfinger Estate and only cleared the 1st level. I knew I was out of my league immediately. I attempted 15 of the 25 free attempts and never made it past the 2nd room! A thorough and humbling butt whooping was my reward…lol


I just got in-game mail for the two events, but they aren’t showing up

same - notification but event not posted

Thanks for making more attempts in test of might gems again. Saves me from trying to get 60 wins, got better things to do then waste gems on loading +- 120 pvp matches.

It is gems because gold is one of the rewards. Gems will probably be a reward next time so they will charge you good to retry it.

Lol, a post I made here that was critical solely of Ludia was deemed inappropriate by ‘the community’. Uhuh.

If that actually turns out to be the case and they rotate gold/gem. I will have to take back my comment.

It has been true for all three times they have run the event, and it is true for the challenges as well. Gem challenge you pay in gold. Gold challenge you pay in gems.