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[Calendar] Oct 28 - Nov 3, 2019

Adventurers get ready for a week full of EVENTS!

Don’t miss out! :point_right:


Wow. It looks like “Test of Might I Drop and Beat Newbies” has been removed from next weeks schedule.

I’m happy for a week without test of might, it’s such a slog to get the top prize.

VIP Moment of Glory

The March to P2W continues apace.

What ‘honour’ is there in being ripped off by a purpose built algorithm and principles of design specifically engineered to milk you of your money by putting onerous and punitive measures in place, not to mention perverse incentives, and in playing that game within a game how the designers want you to play it, i.e. give them more money for faster ‘power’?

After spending 210 gems to get fifteen wins in Test of Might and being pitted against bots 4-6 levels higher than mine with conveniently higher initiatives, many more crits and resistances against my attacks, not to mention missing my attacks multiple times whilst their’s strangely never seem to, I tanked my rank by 1k points and got through the next 45 games within a couple of hours, no more gems.

That meant losing… like, I don’t even know how many games, which benefited those players. It’s not like this was a lose-lose situation where all ‘winning’ is in my corner. And once I was done with this ridiculous Test of Might situation, I played normally again. So where is the ‘honour’ in honouring a broken and corrupt system?

Hi D_K, i think you may have inadvertently replied to the wrong comment. I certainly see no ‘honor’ in this event. If you read my comments in the related forums you will see I am neither a fan of the latest update nor satisfied with Test of Might. I have been calling for change since the update was released. I only commented here as an expression of surprise and hope that they may correct this mess.