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[Calendar] October 26 - November 01, 2020

Morning Adventurers,

This week is very busy with Silverhand Trials, Test of Might, and Heroic Adventures!

*Note there will be a maintenance on Tuesday 27th that should last from 8:45 am until 1:00 pm ET!

Play Now! :point_right:

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Is the Heroic Challenge not happening today?

There’s plenty of other events, but I want to be sure.

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Checking with the team. Will let you know shortly

Got a pop up for it, but the Event isn’t there. Wish they would get events to work better and pop ups less.

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Okay, it’s up.

Hi all,
The Heroic Adventure Challenge should now be available in your game. You may need to close and reopen the app to see it.
Happy Adventuring

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