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[Calendar] Sep 30 - Oct 6, 2019

Weekly Events = Week full of Adventure!

Enter Now! :point_right: Link:

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Notable this week is that Monday 3x events are typically VIP exclusive. This week it was open to everyone. The event itself was self limiting since 6 full runs clears it, so it had a fairly low benefit cap. The rewards table was even a bit better than normal with a 560 common reward at 18 and 1 epic at 5. It was a VIP teaser.

They Tweeted about it:

Play like a VIP! 3X all XP rewards as Heartcoil Deeps!

βš”οΈ πŸ›‘Play Now! β–Ά

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β€” Warriors of Waterdeep (@WOWaterdeep) September 30, 2019