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[Calendar] Sep 9 - Sep 15, 2019

Don’t miss out on these EVENTS!

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Hey @Jon

Thanks for posting the monthly calendar here. Any chance you can answer the following question regarding the “Moment of Glory” Event times always being America friendly? The players from the otherside of the world have asked repeatedly if Ludia will ever give them a shot at a time that is fair for them.

Even if the answer is “no” or “I’ve tried but no one has ever got back to me” would be an answer.

Thank you

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@DylanRamsey In a nearby update, we will be able to launch happy hours for everyone! I am sorry but I can’t give a date at this time.


These 3 day events need larger reward pools. Or maybe daily resets or something. I end up knocking them out in an hour on Friday then have no event for the next two days.

Your event calendar appears to be in error.

  1. The event is VIP only.
  2. The event is for The Hidden Forge, instead of Harvestshield Mountain.

The calendar got the character and time correct.

This mistake may have caused inconvenience for non-VIP players who cleared time in their schedule to participate, only to be disappointed by the paywall.

I didn’t clear my schedule because I only saw this now, but it was a disappointment to say the least that it was VIP only. I mean if I was a VIP player, I would be questioning why I need events anyways since I am giving you money to get better items and characters to start with.