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[Calendar] September 21 - September 27, 2020

Morning Adventurers,

This week is full of events! A Guild Raid, a Test of Might and Pikel’s Forest Journey! WoW!

Play Now! :point_right:


Thanks for providing the calendar. :+1:

However there are a couple of unfavorable issues which have returned over the past two weeks.

  1. No PvE activity weekends. It seems Ludia is concerned it cannot offer weekend challenges while PvP events are ongoing. Perhaps it does reduce revenues from weekend PvP events. However, I would like to note, even some players ranked in the top-100 trophy counts, myself included, continue to insist you discontinue abandoning PvE players on weekends. Regardless of having no PvE activity I will never compete in these PvP events. This is compounded during the second half of the season, when the quest rewards have been exhausted. This leads many players like myself to avoid the app on weekends. :rage:

  2. Additionally, the decision to cap VIP PvE Challenges to 4 runs is also infuriating to PvE players. Why only four runs, the alternative limit of eight is already limiting. From a PvE player’s perspective. this cap is unreasonable, insulting, infuriating and makes one question the true value of VIP membership. For the umpteenth time. I strongly suggest the developer find a way to view decision from the player’s perspective. It would be better not to host this event than to flagrantly provoke the users. This is crucial if you wish to retain player sentiment. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Guild event is on Saturday @Orloch. I know I will be grinding rooms. You also are forgetting that the season should change this week. Sunday for players that experience the full aspect of the game will naturally be reaching for 4500 for another legendary. Just pointing these things out.

Why does it matter? The game is glitchy and one cannot complete most PVP or PVE with out the game play flat lining. Its not a new phenomenon. The developers likely could not care less, unless you know a reason as to why these issues have not been addressed. I would be content with an algorithm that fixes the game so i could play for more than 18 seconds, which would exceed current expectations, and then consider being involved in a weekend event no matter what level i was at.