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[Calendar] Special Quests | Dec 16 - 22, 2019

Vikings, the Snoggletog Toothless event is starting next week! Also, don’t forget to collect your daily gift of the Night Fury. :gift:

Note: All Quests and Trust Events start at 10AM (ET). If any changes occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.


Where are species quests? Like during Dreadfall and Thanksgiving events


No species quests this time.

Why??? These quests were so good

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We’re trying out different format for the limited Trust Events and did not include them this time.

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Still no calendar for this week ? I wander if we’ll have an Alpha on Christmas Eve…
Season’s greetings to you and Ludia’s team !

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They posted one on the Twitter account

Sorry for the delay :sweat_smile:, it’s now posted!

When begins chapter 2 ? 1 is Just wnded. Thought IT would be there immediatly…

All quests and events start at 10 AM (ET). Chapter 2 should start in less than 30 mins.

Sawmaw is again in last stage :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
No species quests (-300 pts), less points in chapters…