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[Calendar] Special Quests | Dec 9 - 15, 2019

The Thanksgiving Meatlug event is coming to an end next week, add her to your Dragon roster now!

Note: All Quests and Trust Events start at 10AM (ET). If any changes occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.


I thought we are going to have an event for windshear, it has been a long time since last time we’ve seen her, we just had the light fury’s event before the Thanksgiving event, is there something wrong?


Again Lightfury???

What about stormy, cloudjamper and the others???


Next event should be Windshear not Light Fury.


Yes, this was suppose to be Windshear! Why is it Lightfury?


@Marcus,@ned,is the light fury event that is going to happen this week intended? Because it’s supposed to be windshear’s turn now, we just had the light fury before the Thanksgiving event.

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Hello @itami,

It’s intended that we have the Light Fury again this week.

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Since they did a Halloween Toothless and a Thanksgiving Meatlug, I was suspecting they might do a Christmas themed dragon next, blue made sense so LF or Stormfly. LF seemed more likely? This is all pure speculation, of course, but maybe that’s why?

Granted, they’re not costumes but completely new dragons. Still, it lends to my theory, I guess. Maybe to promote her?

Or I could be completely off base :sweat_smile: who knows!