[Calendar] Special Quests | Feb 17 - 23, 2020

The Valentine event ends next week and Hookfang is back! You also DO NOT want to miss the 1 year Anniversary event. Trust me!

Note: All Quests and Trust Events start at 10AM (ET). If any changes occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.


Why a tryout/Bring Your Own for Grump? So far there has only been 1 event for him so I don’t think many people got him let alone have more than 500 trust.


The Valentine Light Fury event started on Feb. 6th and is going to end on Feb. 19th. That means the event is only 13 days long.

The Dreadfall Toothless, Thanksgiving Meatlug, Snoggletog Toothless, and New Year Stormfly events were all 14 days long.

Is this a mistake?

I already submitted a post yesterday about this problem and no one bothered to respond.


Ooooh Deathgripper… my favorite! Cannot wait!!

The Valentine Light Fury Event is indeed a little shorter than the usual Trust Events.

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Hmmmm, so we get back the side quests and you take away a day in the main quest. It wasn’t meant to be an either/or. We would like both…

So, where is Anniversary battle?


Yes. no anniversary ?? the sum of these games is an anniversary? :thinking:

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You’ve failed anniversary.
Gift was awful (premium draft = nothing).
This event is the worst that you could do.
Shame on you

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To be honest, I would expect a splendor to suit my anniversary. It was a disappointment.


The Anniversary is live, please let us know if you don’t see it.

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Was this event a single run through? I completed node 10 and now it has vanished. Could be I was mistaken, but I thought it said it was lasting a couple of days so I thought it was like the other TP events where you can do the event multiple times?

Hello @NightLight4!

The Anniversary Event is a single event with 10 nodes. Players have two days to complete it.

In parallel, we have the usual Hookfang Trust Event running at the same time.


@Marcus,why the trust points of both Windshear and Grump were never added in the arena shop so we can buy them like the other event dragons?


Thanks for confirmation!

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Good question, I’ll try to get an answer.


Well, great I missed the chance. I could’ve had the V-day light fury. triggered I wasn’t in time to get enough points.

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