[Calendar] Special Quests | July 29 - Aug 4, 2019

The Barf & Belch Trust Event is back next week and don’t miss out on the special Friendship Day quest on Tuesday!

Note: All Quests and Trust Events start at 10AM (ET). If any changes occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.

@marcus,any information from your team please? thanks.


okay, how about the bugs ?

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Not to be curt, but I really don’t think anyone here cares about new quests or events right now.

We want to know that we have been heard. The game has become incredibly faulty, broken, and unbalanced. Your team has embittered the community, and there has been nothing but silence in return. Any response that isn’t the regurgitation of ‘our team is looking into it’, is desperately needed. Just something that acknowledges how poorly this has been handled. Anything.

I know you guys have to be careful about what you say. You can’t make any false or misleading promises/statements. (Though, to be frank, that ship has already sailed) There just needs to be acknowledgement that isn’t dismissive.

And honestly, with the yellow scale quests repeating for 3 days in a row, I really don’t have any confidence in these upcoming quests not being spectacularly bugged in someway as well.



@Mysterious All glitter and shiny - they had me at first, I was waiting for Barf & Belch for a long time now and got so excited :joy:
But then I remembered the lack of energy because of the bugs at the moment, counted my saved runes from BEFORE the bugs - didn‘t save much since the update - but calculated that I‘d get B&B this time anyway. Wasn‘t so excited anymore but it was okay.
A few seconds later on, after thinking of fighting blind and with frozen board while my game is constantly crashing down because they messed up the energy-save-mode and got massive memory leaks in the game since previous updates (iOS user here and not the only one with this problem) I got finally disappointed how they could think to calm us down with good events :roll_eyes:


I’m sorry to hear that this mess is all happening during an event you were looking forward to so much. :frowning: With it starting on Thursday, I can only hope some sort of update or hotfix will have been applied by then to make the event actually enjoyable. Though I don’t know how likely it is any of those will focus on iOS patches, those always seem to be an afterthought. With how terribly the game is bogging down those systems though, I would hope it would be a higher priority.

As an aside, I do want to mention that I am sorry if I spoke out of turn. If I ever make a mistake (such as before in making the broad statement that those here are most likely not interested in the upcoming events right now) I do want others to feel they can come forward and correct me!

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they don’t care about us! we speak in vain !!! :frowning: @Marcus Why this silence? ! it will be at your expense! people are deleting the game!

Astrid does not work !!! and other chests quests very very very hard !!! @Marcus And you’re still quiet and no description ???


@Mysterious It wasn‘t that bad before on iOS - yes, there were memory leaks and I had to restart a lot but it worked just fine. This update broke the ingame energy-save-mode, so my device is overheating very fast BUT it also causes the issue that there has to be loaded much more graphics for fights. Within the last 12 hours (and I was asleep at least 8,5 of them) this scenario happened TWICE to me: I started the game, checked Alpha chat, collected my breedery and maybe my hatchery and tried to start a daily quest. I hit the „fight“-Button after choosing my team, the game immediately crashed down after that without even showing the loading screen and my energy was gone as I logged back in.
With that issue I don‘t see myself getting through the 8-energy-stages of B&B without losing at least 16 energy per run …

The biggest concern I have is your phone being brought to a constant state of overheating. I don’t know just how hot it’s getting (I’m sorry if you’ve mentioned this before), but in general it’s not really good anyway. It can cause damage/deterioration to your phone’s internal hardware, and they don’t have fans or cooling procedures in place like PCs do.

I read that your phone will give you a warning when it reaches that critical temp, though. I don’t know if this is true across the board for all brands, but since it’s a safety measure, I’m leaning towards that probably being the case?

All of that sounds like a terrible hassle, too. And incredibly frustrating. It’s ridiculously difficult to get energy now, so every bit is precious. And I highly doubt Support is going to be willing to offer you a constant restoration of energy lost to crashes. You might be better off asking for any Trust Points lost due to the crashes, should they arise, but even then I don’t have high hopes.

I‘m usually taking my phone out of its case to play and hold it in my hand. As soon as it‘s not warm but feels hot (still easy to hold in my hand but like sitting with the back to a heating in winter) or did already crash I‘ll shut down Titan Uprising, let the phone lay around for 2 minutes, do some other stuff on the phone (it continues to cool down, even if I‘m watching videos, it‘s ridiculous) and then start the game again.
Until now it‘s only this game that causes my phone to run hot and everything else still works fine, so I hope running hot hasn‘t done damage so far.

Support only asks to make sure that there are no apps running in the background etc., until now I only contacted them if I‘m feeding a dragon and the game crashes while feeding animation and way before the „spirit ability (not) improved“ would show up. The game usually crashes by trying to visualize that ability-leveling-window since the update before this terrible fail „update“ but at that point, only graphics are missing, I can check if the ability got better or not after logging back in. I once lost some fodder and all fish without the dragon leveling up by crashing down while feeding very early, but I got a refund from support for the dragons by a draft that guaranteed the right color (not the fish tough, had to collect it again). But that was the case when I would play more than 20 minutes and my phone already started running hot.
At the moment I‘m happy if I get in two or three battles in a row. Before the last update it would have been four to six battles in a row and one update before that around 10 battles - gets worse with every update, even if I do a clean reinstall by deleting the app.

@Marcus @Ned
please do not play hide and seek. man up, and tell us what did your programmer behind you had messed up. you are like their PR, right?

this is no way to deal with current situation. peoples are leaving this game, and you made things worse by going silent.

man, do i regret starting playing this game last year til now.


I agree :+1: :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:… don’t shut up, this is enough silence @Marcus @Ned TALK NOW

Hey everyone, we understand the frustration you have towards the bugs and some of the changes from the last update and our team has been made aware of them.

Our team is currently working on addressing the known issues at the moment, and more information can be found on Marcus’s post here: [Hotfixes] Titan Uprising | July 26, 2019

If we get any new info from our team, we’ll be sure to let everyone know.


Hi @Ned & @Marcus ,

Is there any chance we could get a developer or manager from the Titan Uprising team to get on the forums and answer some questions?



I do know that removing the case of your phone is one way to help keep it cool, so that’s a good move on your part. As is apparently lowering the brightness? From what I’m aware, your phone shouldn’t be having these problems as they are with your make/model, with your previous descriptions and that of other iOS users, that is why I lean so much towards it being a messy coding and/or memory leak issue. This game shouldn’t be that graphic intensive or hard on the SoC.

Support isn’t necessarily wrong when they’re asking about the apps running in the background, it’s just that it’s a dismissive line of questioning. It’s the same thing when you’re in any IT field. You get any basic problem and your first response is most likely going to be ‘did you try turning it off and turning it on again?’ or ‘Is it plugged in?’. You’d…be surprised how many problems that fixes.

But therein lies the rub. That’s only supposed to be your first step. Your first line of questioning. If that isn’t the problem, you move past it and try to figure out what the issue is. And if it’s an issue for most/all iOS users…there’s a connection? With recent or new models of Apple phones, users shouldn’t have to enable airplane mode (which I don’t think they can with this game, it’s online only, isn’t it?), disable bluetooth, draw the brightness way down- basically fold themselves twelve times just to make this game run.

On that note, I read that if you play a graphic intensive mobile game with your phone plugged in, it can make your overheating problems worse. Don’t know if that might be of any help? Probably not, but I thought I might throw that out there.

When your phone overheats, it can cause the internal components and the adhesive that binds it all together to deteriorate. That makes it more vulnerable to water damage, and, if you happen to be in a very cold place (in an extreme example if you are in a walk in freezer or freezing temperatures outside) and your phone is overheating, but then you turn it off, the sudden change can cause thermal fracturing in your screen as well, or just make it less resilient, should it fall.

These are all examples, though. Possibilities, not guarantees. In general, it just shortens the lifespan of your phone. I don’t know what kind of battery your phone has, but at least you don’t have that one Samsung Galaxy model that was exploding all over the place because of the Lithium-Ion batteries 9_9 I don’t remember exactly if it was the battery itself or the battery on top of faulty design, either way it was absolutely ridiculous.

I do hope they keep up on resupplying you with lost resources though, even though I don’t know why they’re not replacing everything? It must be incredibly frustrating to be at a constant stop and go with the game. And if clean reinstalls aren’t making any sort of difference, you’re not running any other apps in the background, your phone has plenty of available RAM, etc, it’s no fault on your end. It’s the iOS build that’s faulty.

I’m sorry :frowning: I wish I could be of more help.

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@Mysterious I know that some others with similar phone models around as old as mine have that problem - it‘s an iPhone 6 for me, but software is updated and fulfills the requirements of the game. Newer phones tend to have enough RAM to compensate memory leaks, but I don‘t think that‘s an excuse - other mobile games (such as Clash of Clans) are running fine, without running hot, and have a lot of graphics as well.
Yeah, I don‘t know why there is no full replacement and I‘m not even trying to get all my energy back (only one time when I was losing Clan-energy because game broke down while loading for Alpha battle and I got a full refund plus extra energy as excuse) and somehow I‘m making good progress anyway.
And you‘re right with everything you said. I tend to not have the screen to bright, I barely play when loading (maybe some 3-energy-runs that are containing only 2 waves and weak enemies), got no apps running in the background etc. I just can‘t figure out what to do more except from playing with pauses.
Thanks for putting your effort in by looking into my issue!

I didn’t actually realize your model was as old as it was and that is fully on me for not looking it up sooner. For some reason I thought the iPhone 6 was the model previous to the most recent. I say ‘old’, though, with a fairly big grain of salt. I, personally, still don’t think 2014 is that old, but by technology standards 9_9 it’s counted as such.

Apple, also, is notorious for their ‘planned obsolescence’, which makes things that much harder when you’re trying to keep things lasting to keep up with games and apps. Technology in general is a fickle mistress but Apple is especially bad about it.

However, that’s neither here nor there as, as you’ve said, other games that are graphic intensive run fine. Honestly at this point with all you’ve done, I don’t really think there’s anything more you can do on your end besides what you’re already doing now. I mean, I could easily be wrong. If anyone else has any ideas I do invite them to come forward, because I really would like this issue to be fixed for you and all other iOS users.

And you’re welcome! Sorry my response was so long winded ^^;

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@Marcus Just wanted to say that I really liked the Friendship Day quest on Tuesday. It had a bunch of variety, and that was lots of fun. Being able to play with an entire team of guest dragons made me change up my regular strategy and the second half of the quest where you had to mix and match with dragons on your roster was an interesting way to shake things up. Kudos to the designer on that one, and I hope we see more like it in the future!