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[Calendar] Special Quests | June 15th - 21st, 2020

Celebrate Father’s Day and the Summer Solstice this week on Berk! :sun_with_face:

Note: All Quests and Trust Events start at 10 AM (ET). If any changes occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.

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What can the rumblehorns possibly do?

You can check previous release notes to find out. It seems to be ememy remove positive effect, allies gain attack and when weakest allie get attacked, all ememies take damage.

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Very disappointed that my year of exclusive fight club membership just to secure what I assumed would be a unique opportunity has just been diluted by giving it away for free!!

Come on guys this sucks!!


To get into this all you need is the play pall app.

How is it free? This is not the regular Skullcrusher, and if you want this guy at 5* you better buy that FC. Why would you keep your FC for one year just to max out that dragon? (I mean… for me this took only 3-4 months) let’s be real, most players buy the FC only for the special event dragons, and this is one of them.