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[Calendar] Special Quests | Oct 21 - 27, 2019

Dreadfall is just around the corner! To celebrate, you’ll have the chance to earn a special Dreadfall edition of Toothless by playing a three-chapter Trust Event. Get ready!

Note: All Quests and Trust Events start at 10AM (ET). If any changes occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.


So is this Dreadfall Toothless a new dragon? Or is this something like a costume and if so will it boost the dragon’s ability?

Its a new dragon. I hope they will make update where they will add costumes in the game

Reducing duty energy rewards right before a big 3-chapter-TP-event that most likely appears once a year? Seriously? I won’t push my runes into energy, it feels like a trap. (And I would’ve bought energy for sure if duty rewards hadn’t been reduced.)
Either Ludia tries to rip us off or has a really bad timing.


How many bugs Will IT introduce, wich wont be fixed in first two months?

Wow…way less trust points earned in the Dreadfall event. Only 71 per each run through???


There are extra Dreadfall Toothless trust points in the Boneknapper quest

Me: Nice! So the event is gonna be over 10 days?
sees the amounts of hearts that we get
Also me: you gotta be kidding me lol, only 71 hearts?