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[Calendar] Special Quests | Oct 7 - 13, 2019

Here are next week’s Special Quests and Trust Event!

Note: All Quests and Trust Events start at 10AM (ET). If any changes occur, we’ll be sure to update it here.


Maybe, can you do more often new dragon species events? You have a lot of species to release

We’ll try! Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile:


can you please do the light fury event instead of the hookfang one i need to work on earning her trust

We won’t be able to change the events since they’re already announced. Don’t worry, Light Fury will be back soon!

i have a idea what if you do the gift of the missed trust points into player’s mail like the light fury and windshear

hey did you read the post 5h ago

I’m actually happy they’re doing Hookfang. I’ll finally get a 5-star red. This 5-star red. :slight_smile:

These events are cyclical, so they always come around again. With more dragons it means there are more to cycle, and therefore, more time before you might see the specific dragon you might be more intent on getting.

However, the devs have to keep in mind that not everyone is focused on the same dragon. There should be ample opportunity for all. More focus was given to Toothless initially because he was (er…is?) the main star of the series.

As for receiving trust points in the player’s terror-mail, that would sort of defeat the purpose of both the events and earning the trust points to begin with. Don’t worry, though. It might take a while, but like @Marcus said, the Light Fury will return soon. You could look at it as the victory being that much sweeter when you finally earn those last needed trust points. :slight_smile: