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[Calendar] Upcoming Challenge Events (week of September 2 to 8, 2019)

@Jon, it’s no longer Monday in Quebec. I’ll do this week. (Labour Day is a Holiday in Canada, so I presume you’re having fun for the long weekend.)

Notable is this week’s Moment of Glory event which starts on Wednesday September 4 at 6 pm EST and lasts until 8 pm. You will get 25 free runs (valued at 25 * 250 = 6,250 gold) during the event if you meet the two conditions for participation: You will need to (1) unlock the Harvestshield Mountain challenge by defeating Argathakul in Explore mode and (2) have Raika, the Half-Orc Barbarian in your party. For help with the Dragon boss fight, I recommend the following guide: A Dance with Dragons: retsamerol's step-by-step guide to dancing with Argathakul

My strategy for the event is to get to beat the second boss and look to see if there’s a room 7 secret room before fighting. This cuts down each challenge run to around 5 minutes. If I am running out of time, I may just beat the first boss before exiting the Dungeon.

A word of caution: the rewards for the Moment of Glory event may be reduced from the regular rewards for the Harvestshield Mountain challenge. So check the rewards table to see if the rewards will be worth the effort of running challenge first. Last week, the VIP exclusive moment of glory event offered equivalent rewards for Frostsilver Mines despite being the difficulty of Heartcoil Deeps. For more details, see: [Intentional] VIP only Calliope Moment of Glory - Heartcoil Deeps Reduced Rewards Table (equivalent to Frostsilver Mines)

Also notable is the community poll. The last time one of these polls was held, it lead to 2-for-1 pack offerings and a character specific weekend challenge event for the winner of the vote. So vote for whichever character you want to see get that pack offering and Challenge Event.


Reminder: the moment of glory is coming up in just over an hour.

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