Was it published anywhere this week?

Hey @gpinsky1313, our Twitter page here should have it:

@Ned Do you know which donjon it will be this weekend?

Today it lightfinger but there was no graphic. Same thing for the upcoming weekend no information and it happened last week too

Hey Krom, I’ll see if I can get more information from our team. :slight_smile:

@Krom, I have some information for you. :smiley:

Since the challenge is tiered, the dungeon will go according to your renown level. Which might explain why there is no picture indicating the dungeon. :sweat_smile:

The highest available dungeon at the moment should be Lightfinger Estate. I hope that helps!

Well this is something new that we didn’t know.

Or at least it the first time I hear there is scaling event

Thanks Ned that is good to hear I hope they keep that model going forward.

@Ned I think that model should be for every event. That will allow to have everyone something useful

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I can definitely pass the feedback along to our team. :slight_smile: