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@Rose @Ned so we do not get calendars on Sundays anymore? Is Mondays a new pattern now?


Here is next weeks

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Ludia just didn’t post on forums, it was on Facebook and Twitter though. And now in the reply above.
Maybe because the forums seem to get less interaction from users than social media, weird to leave it out though.
I’m just glad we got Shattermaster again so soon. I’ll be ready to have mine maxed by the end of the month

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Finally, I can finish light fury event. It’s taking me so long for this event to come back and I just want this over with.

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I know but it should not be a must to have social accounts to get calendars of upcoming events. Some kids for example are not allowed to have accounts on social media. Thus Ludia is leaving them out. Again, all in all how difficult it might be to post calendar on weekend if you are already posting it on social media… extra 5 minutes?

With you on this, have complained before about the calendars. And I do have Facebook…

I think it should be cross-posted everywhere.

This week they may all be busy with the maintenance, dunno

And I dunno how some people finish Trust Events too fast… I guess it means spending a fortune of runes, right? To get 1000 per event instead of 500. + 5 manual restarts

I don’t have these many runes, but even if I did I wouldn’t spend them on something I can get anyway.

I have 500 on Shattermaster, will be getting his 1st copy with the upcoming event. Free rounds on him so far.
And it’s what I most of the time do; rely on free rounds. Rarely I add a manual restart or 2 - if needed. Or if my schedule demands it.

Meatlug, I now have 2/3 copies. In the process of acquiring Grump’s second copy.

What I’m worried about is roster space. Lol
(=One other reason to not want to acquire all the copies too soon)