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Califica 1 estrella la app para ser escuchado / Rate the app 1 star to be heard

ludia does what she wants no matter what you want, or need, I see that many complain and put 5 stars and is badly done, so that they really attend us we must press them with bad qualification, it goes from bad to worse and we neither do anything so that they listen to us it is enough that they ignore us and continue to let us down, it is not fair to anyone, nor the VIPs. neither the free ones, some buy to improve and others make effort and work to improve, we do not deserve this treatment, we want you to listen to us.

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I did so ages ago when their incompetence first started flushing this game down the drain. But they seem to have a legion of review bots to keep giving them 5 stars to beef up their figures.

Dirijo este mensaje a los vip’s cancelen su suscripción para ejercer mayor presión, son ustedes los que los mantienen, les dan su dinero y a cambio que reciben? Tu dinero y nuestro esfuerzo deben ser valorados no despreciados.

My recent 1 star review netted me an email from them replying to it. Basic stuff. Apologies about experiences and feedback will be shared.
The only apology i accept is changed behavior. Tho HC wouldn’t be too bad either.

What worries me is this.
The game is driven by the players playing it, and the less people who play it the sooner it dies a death and goes the same way as other games that people no longer play.

That would leave the diehard players, and those like me who have played since it started, with no game to play at all.

So despite my disgust at this latest update I don’t want to see the game disappear.

I don’t play any game forever but this is one of the ones I’ve played longer, a year and 4 months. This update, I went from 4 down to 1 reachable drop so I’m sitting here not playing. I may just fall off here shortly. If it was still hot summer with later light, this wouldn’t be a problem but now it gets dark right after I get home from work and it’s cold. I’m not going out.

Well, unless Ludia pull their heads out of their rears and start actually trying to keep the game going, that looks to be the way it’s going to be.