Call me a nit-picker

But how does this work? Do non-VIP’s get
27,5 coins?
3,5 / 4,5 / 1,5 dart?
If it’s x2 shouldn’t I be receiving even amounts??


You get the same daily limit, but regular supply drops only give half the supplies (or, the supplies get doubled when you join VIP).

Event drops give the same amount of supplies regardless of VIP or not.

If that answers you questions… I’m not sure it does. Lol

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It is a valid question.

Do non-VIP get 1 dart or 2 darts as their lowest possible amount? I have been getting many 3 and 4 darts spins lately and it takes a bit of time to fill up when trying to toss a lot of darts.

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I am VIP. As the drops say I get coins, darts and HC doubled. But looking at what I receive the amounts are uneven. So do Non VIP members get 2 or 1? Because that would mean I’m getting too much or too little

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Ahh, that I don’t know.

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I assume rounding must be involved as you also only get a percentage for opening at range.

Oh, and you’re a nit-picker :wink:


This sounds similar to Pogo. When there is a “double candy” event in Pogo, you can get an odd number of candy for hatching a Pokemon.

For example you get 5-8 candy without the event, and 10-16 candy with the event allowing odd numbers to be have. The actual range is doubled.

Sounds like JWA is the same way. So if you spin a supply drop non VIP, and you can get 1-20 darts, with VIP it would be 2-40 darts allowing anything in between including an odd number of darts.

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I think that vip technically gets normal amounts, and non vip gets half of vip, so vip technically gets double of non vip

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If I open drops at a distance not in my central range, I often get only 2 darts… non vip. I’ve never gotten just 1

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I know, I used to be non vip once and I never got 1 dart. Also if my daughter (non vip) opens the same drop she gets 2 or 4. So the X2 is… like so many other things in this game… complete and utter bs :slight_smile:

Could be you’re right. But as you can see it clearly says x 2. So if my daughter opens the drop and gets 2 I should at least get 4 right? Wel not. I get 3. So it’s nonsense to pose as if you get double the amount given to non vip members

If 3 is the min for VIP then half that is 1.5 which if they round up is 2; not saying that is what they do - just that the maths fits

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