Call to Arms Questions

Does the person that gives gear cards to guild mates get anything other than feel good feelings?

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You get coins and exp. How much depends if it is a common or Rare item.

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Lols. You also get them back. I don’t base my gift giving an how many cards a low giving requesting player has given because I realize not all players have the resources. I can’t help but notice though.

If you click on the guild badge to the left of the guild name, you can access all the players in your guild and other good information including their gift giving.

So you give them a copy since you get them back???

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Ok. So, what Tom832 said is absolutely correct. Also, there is a daily maximum on how much we can give. There are arrows on the giving screen which show how much gold and exp you will get. Rare is greater than Common.

I’m just saying that if you want people to give to you, you might consider giving to them. Also, that there is a way for everyone to track who is and isn’t. Everyone benefits from giving even without the gold and exp.

You get 5xp and 5 coins for each donated common card.

You get 50xp and 50 coins for each donated rare card.

The xp goes to the toon which donates the card