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Calling all n3wbs!1

Alliance: Indy Dino Club

Casual players just having fun with the game! Contribute towards alliance missions, say “hi” in chat occasionally, and be actively engaged in at least casual, consistent play. I am online nearly everyday, generally for 2 hours or more, so I am consistently available for questions or concerns. Promotions are awarded about every other week for trophy count, sharing strategies in chat, assisting beginners, alliance mission activity, or all of the above. Racism, homophobia, xenophobia, sexism, or hate of any kind is strictly forbidden and will result in public shaming until you leave :slight_smile:

Min. Trophies: N/A
Min. Lvl: N/A
Min. Activity Req.: 2+ hours/wk and/or 5+ logins/wk

Location: Midwest USA, Indiana, Indianapolis (But anyone from any corner of the globe welcome!)

Language(s): English (preferred), All

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