Calling it quits tonight

Went from my all time high of 4267 to 3853. Only won three matches today and I ran into sooooo many people exploiting how op Draco g2 is right now. Faced it five matches in a row, then the icing on the cake was fighting against someone with a Tryko in ruins, come on, why is a Tryko in ruins!? Smh.

So yeah, I’m done for tonight before I break something. Lol

That hammer of god finish from drac g2 is super demoralizing!!! You have to guess that your opponent is using one and then correctly guess when they will use it to simultaneously swapin full health dino to block the win

Tried doing that after the second time it happened, rng wasn’t in my favor and I had all squishy dinos.
Have no idea what Ludia was thinking with that move. Oh… Right, they weren’t. Lol

Tryk has been in ruins for months.
Still never faced this new draco gen 2

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Yeah in the last 2 days, I’ve gone from 4494 to 4270. Luckily I just played a match against someone who had more than 100 trophies than me and I beat them and got 47 trophies and now i’m up to 4317. I don’t see myself doing any more battles for a couple days. I drop way more than I rise.

That tip doesn’t help unless you spend lots of money on the game.

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I’ve never seen a Tryko in ruins before tonight.

Kind of hard to do that without spending money and when spawns are trash.

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