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Calling out top players using the Rat - Chickens!

Calling out all top players who still use Draco the Rat (>90% of top 500), you all are Chickens! YOU and not Draco are the problem!

Crunch the numbers and you will find that you can win just as easily standing toe to toe with your opponent like Warriors now under the new Boost Rules rather than stooping to low blows with your Rat attacks. You little pickle punchers!

Now that the developers have nerfed how the individual Dino’s, the team and thus the rats can be boosted, you have no excuse to complain at all for Draco! He is YOUR problem now you little Rat-addicts! LMBO!

But seriously, use the Rat now and you have no excuse - you are the Rats! We don’t want to hear about it any longer!


I never thought I’d miss these threads. Then I spent the last 24 hours reading boost 2.0 threads and now this is refreshing.


Pickle Punchers is my new favorite insult :joy:


There it is! Our first rat thread post boost 2.0.

Nerf the Rat. It feels like I am the first one to say it :smiley: