Calliope Glitch

I can not use Calliope “Mass Cure Wounds” from her “Pirate’s Scarf”. Everytime I select someone in my party or even her I keep receiving an invalid target notification.image image

Hi, I was wondering if this is known and is currently being worked on? It is really making things difficult when I cant use this spell to heal my team.


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I’ve sent it to our team, @Velktron. :smiley:

Update: If you tap on the highlighted area around your party members, Calliope’s ability will trigger. However, we really appreciate your feedback!

Hi Ned,

Thanks for passing it through.

Thanks much for the information! That indeed does the trick!


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Its the complete opposite of other heals, you have to explicitly not click on someone. :-/

You should be able to use this like any other zone spell. I didn’t know this either till today.

You have to click anywhere, but not on a character. It works.