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Calliope Headwear progression

I just don’t get the epic to legendary. Epic - heal all allies legendary heal 1 ally. I get my epic is fifth level vs 1st level legendary. But all vs 1, seems like a big step back for legendary. Heck, the rare is heal ally and gain action. I understand the stats are improved, but seems odd to me that the effects don’t increase. To me what makes sense would be
Rare - heal 1 ally (currently legendary?)
Epic - heal 1 ally and gain action (currently rare)
Legendary - heal all allies (currently epic)

@Mike_Kappus, your proposed progression seems logical. However, you will find the game was not developed logically, as such it is not uncommon for rarer items to be far superior in comparison to their Legendary counterparts in WoW. Somewhat surprisingly, in some equipment slots the Common Item is most favorable.

Disregarding Armor (because it is all the same once maxed), I checked the items equipped for my current Party. It it is currently using 1-Common, 2-Rare, 11-Epic and 6-Legendary Items. As such, I am only using Legendary items in 30% of my equipment slots.

There are a few other threads where player dissatisfaction with the lack of progression is discussed, including the active thread I have tagged below.

Additionally, there are far more urgent matters which require the developer’s attention. While I agree item progression is odd, I do not think there should be any urgency to tinker with item progression at this time.

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