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Calliope’s Legendary Weapon is Legendary

I managed to score Calliope’s Legendary weapon, named Boris, a while ago and had to grind up to L10 to use it.

Got there a day or two ago and it is seriously scary. The red die ability is double damage Injure for 2 turns. Non-bosses rarely last longer than one.

And scoring a critical hit gives you this cool/creepy thing I finally managed to framegrab. Hi, Boris…

I always thought Calliope could hit way above her weight class, grabbing Boris makes her even more nasty.


Awesome grab! Calliope’s stats are not balanced the way other classes are and a huge amount of her damage is weighted into her weapon which is likely why you feel like she is hitting above her weight class. Enjoy her 1 shotting a lot of people in PvP as well.

Good to know! My Calliope is almost level 9, got lucky and have the Sword and armor ready.
Whats the best line up for her, on explore and dungeon mode?

Whoa, I’d never seen that one before - that’s amazing! I always loved Intelligent Weapons, and that Boris cloud is such a nice touch!

Wait until you get another shard and get it to level 2, the injure effect rips through bosses like a chainsaw through butter.

Haha reminds me of my real life D&D game. My DM feels Bards are so OP he does not allow them in his games.

Here’s a screenshot of Boris taking down Qholillaroon.

This also confirms that the boss deathrattle is rendered dynamically, rather than a preanimated cut scene.


Just out of curiosity… Do you often cut your butter with a chainsaw? And how does your wife or significant other feel about you using the chainsaw in the kitchen? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent:

Mirror imaged Boris:

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