Calliope stealth targeting bug

When there is a stealthed character that Calliope should be able to target (only one in range) she cannot target them.

Hey TheFaceParade, if I recall correctly, you would only be able to attack if you have no other actions available. Since you can still move forward with Calliope, you won’t be able to attack Naomlen.

Other ranged characters don’t seem to follow the same rules u less I’m recalling incorrectly.

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Let me see if I can get more information, and get back to you. :thinking:

@Ned: @TheFaceParade is right. Below another example of Calliope’s similar bug…also in this case she should be able to reach the water elemental yet she only can cast cure spell…

Also, by your logic that would mean melee character would have to move sideways or backwards instead of being able to attack an targetable stealth character. Not being a jerk, just helping you think it out.

Hey TheFaceParade, I’ve received confirmation that the reason Calliope cannot attack, it’s because she still has “move” as an option.

Regarding other ranged characters not following the same rules, could you let me know which hero this happens with specifically so I can forward it to our team?


If I come across the example I will send you a screen.

But wait… That doesn’t make sense everyone always has move available. U less you mean moving forward specifically

Thanks, TheFaceParade!!

I’ll see if I can get some additional information for you as well.

Bug or not, I find this to be strategic in PvP (annoying in PvE) when you sneak in a stealth unit to do damage from afar.

Here’s my understanding of how this works -

  1. Stealth units are invisible until there are no units left unstealthed to your team
  2. Scenario 1: you are a Wizard with 2 range. There are stealthed enemies in range 2, but all you see is the rat in range 3. By logic, the Wizard would move one spot up so she can hit the rat.
  3. Scenario 2: you are a wizard with 2 range. There is an enemy 3 range from you, but a stealthed tentacle 1 range from you. You try to move forward, but you are blocked by the stealthed unit; thus you know there is a target 1 range away and thus she will attack the stealthed unit.

Codewise, I guess they consider your line of sight, as well as the ability to get into the range to target non-stealth enemy before the option to target stealth becomes available.

Screenshot_20200415-163751_Warriors Screenshot_20200415-163523_Warriors

This is some new bs. Stealth always meant no attacking unless others are not within range. Now there’s this movement thing. A change for the worst for sure.

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I have noticed this happening with certain characters, but not others. Regardless of whether or not a ‘move’ is available. Also, would this only refer to a forward move, or would a backwards or lateral move also count? If so, then a stealthed character would never be able to be attacked.

The wording of stealth does not mention any of this, just ‘if other units are available’.

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THANK YOU Ment. If they changed this it’s for the worse or a bug.

Also if you look at Fizbanus’s post it doesn’t even seem to be linked to stealth entirely… It seems to be more of a general, intermittent targeting bug.

Ned, I believe all other heroes can still target a Stealth opponent if the Stealth target is the only opponent within range, regardless of movement availability. The targeting interaction change being discussed, as related to Calliope, is recent. I noticed this bug for the first time after the recent update. Prior to the update, stealth targeting was the same for all heroes, functioning as described below.

Stealth: Unit many not be attacked if other units are available

[Description as per the Rogue’s Guild Boots and Cleric’s Brooch of Safety]

As this change was applied to Calliope only, and provides an effect in difference to its description, I suspect misguided coding was involved.

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Man, I’m a business systems analyst and this is starting to feel like work lol. Ned everyone here is right. It is most definitely a bug.

As you can see above, it’s not only Call.

Thanks for clarifying @ment.

I did not notice it was your wizard in the photo. I forgot that the wizard’s ranged weapons only extend two zones at lower gear levels. At higher levels the wizard’s ranged weapons extend 3 zones. With my equipment, the Bard is the only ranged hero whereby this issue would occur with another suitable target at two zones. [With a range of 3. all of my other ranged heroes could target the bard in your photo] This may explain why I assumed it was Calliope in the photo.

Calliope’s limited range may be the reason I only encounter this issue with her.

Can’t wait to get Shev’s legendary staff, but the epic wand got so much better after lvl up and procing to hit more targets. Still love her silverhanded shiv as it makes pvp so much more exciting - but taking a break from it after using it constantly in rallies - which it makes so much easier and faster.