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Callope Daily Damage Goal Not Recorded

Calliope damage during Battles not being captured against Daily Goal of causing 4000 damage. Therefore unable to complete daily tasks and collect rewards ! Please fix.

Are they not counting at all or just not when you lose… there were some challenges before last patch that the damage only counted if you won the fight. They fixed a few but I have never seen anyone mention calliope

Thanks for bringing this up, @John_Fairbrass - our team is aware and they’re looking into it.

Not counting at all now, wether winning or losing.

I should note that it must have been working at some point, as I have 278 damage recorded. But no matter what I do now, that number is not changing.

As I have mentioned in other threads, I think the problem is that you need to do damage with a different character than what is actually listed. (And you also have to win the battle.)

I had the same problem with a daily damage quest for Naomlen. I got 1000-ish out of 4000, and even when I won a battle where she’d done damage it didn’t go up any more

Support Team, how will you compensate myself and others who have encountered this problem ? As game seems very buggy and I’m almost out of playing / paying for VIP !

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