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Calm thread to talk and have fun with dinos

Title really says it all.


Oh relax. Barely anyone personally attacks people for using an overpowered dino. Most people don’t hate the player, they hate the game.

I ain’t being totally serious. It is really just supposed to be a calm, relaxing thread. Not like other ones.

There, now it is legit.

I love using spinoconstrictor even if she is garbage against the main meta. Her animations are great and some funny stuff can happen when people swap out on her.


If you want to chill watch jjba

Trust me this masterpiece resolves all of your problems


I can’t go hunting today because of weather.
One of my hunting buddies keeps giving me odd looks.



What level is she? I’m seriously considering putting her on my team when the update hits. I’ve got loads of Titan left, Spino is the only thing holding me back.

lv 22 with 15 health boosts and 7 speed. i only boosted her now because we were getting a reset. definitely need the damage over the speed, but she’s fun to throw out and watch as people try to kill her quickly and it just doesn’t work.

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Oof. How do you have so many boosts. Do you buy them? Some, not all, obviously. And you boosted it because of the reset? Huh, I would figure that you wouldn’t boost it because of the reset.

I have her at level 22 as well. But Boa holds me back all the time, Spino, not so much. I actually am fortunate enough to live about 100 meters from a Spino nest, so I’m lucky in that respect. I’m just waiting for some sort of snek scent to make things a bit easier.

had most of my boosts from before 2.0. i bought some then with earned HC. since 2.0, i’ve just been accumulating them through the free options. been using her unboosted since i got her. i planned on boosting her eventually once i had a solid game plan. with the announcement of the boost reset, i said heck with it and boosted her health with what i had on me and tried out a speedy constrictor for the fun.
definitely would forgo speed next time and pump damage instead.

I try to use dilorach even though it’s sucks in the meta

Oooh okay. Makes me want to try that out. The boosting since the reset is near thing.

I want to include her in my team as well, but as I’ve said before, Stygidaryx is about 3 levels (well, technically 2, but I have enough to level her up to 25 easily), and I want Constrictor to be at least one level under team level. I personally would put one or two boosts into speed, but definitely into the health, lol. She better get buffed in this update.

The only reason I have so much Boa left over is because I was FIPing her the day she was released. By the time she was the DD and the tournament prize I think I was only 10 or 20 away from her :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m just waiting for the update before I level her up, just in case Ludia randomly decides to create another Boa hybrid.

Out with the Jurassic Park/World franchise what is your favourite Dinosaur movie?

I love Disney’s Dinosaur. I remember being blown away by amazing it looked those CG dinos on the live backdrops.

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For all this hullabaloo about spinoconstrictor, KingDreadnaught started running it again

I nitro boost my tragod with is a gen 1 Indo killer. Since I guess nobody plays against Tragod they don’t really know how to counter. Sometimes if indo is low it can 2 shoot it

The Land Before Time. I don’t mind the sequels either even though they’re a lot more kiddyish (but 13 was just… Ugh).


Caleb I really dont watch any other dino movies other than JP, JW and Ice age?, I did have a dino. It’s either Ice Age or Dinosaur Documentaries

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